Other Important Information

Chiefs who are interested in getting information on buildings in their respective areas from the Insurance Services Office (ISO) can log on to web site www.isomitigation.com and go to the Fire Chiefs Online section and apply for a user ID and password.  This site can help chiefs do preplans of buildings.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: If you have spare equipment that you are looking to get rid of or are in need of equipment, please contact Craig Zitek, 631 831-8842, to put it on our web page.

FIREMATIC SERVICES: If you have an chief or past chief pass away please contact a member of the executive board as soon as possible, so that we may have a representative attend the service.
INFO NEEDED: Date, Time, Location of Firematic service; Proper spelling of Departed Chief’s Name; and Religious affilliation.

We need all Chiefs to attend their local Chiefs Council meetings and the County Chiefs meeting in order to remain current with the issues affecting the Fire Service.

We would also like to welcome any Chiefs that may have been recently elected, please check the schedules for both the County and Township Chiefs Councils meetings and try to attend. Remember the Associations and Councils are only as good as the input and participation they receive from its members.

  • Please check your department information and email us any additions or corrections with respect to address, telephone#, Fax#, Present Active Chiefs, Web Site, etc. We are trying to keep our data base updated so any communications are directed appropriately.
  • If you have any events you would like us to list please them to us.
  • Also, Township Councils please send us your 2017 meeting schedule and locations so we may post them.